Warriors serve in and out of uniform. Now, those who served next to us need help.

Now, It’s Our Turn to Support Them & Their Families. Because Warriors Care



Right now, tens of thousands of Afghans and their families that endured the worst of the Taliban while supporting our troops, are now fleeing in desperation. With little time to plan and only the clothes on their backs, they are in desperate need of food, clothing, shelter and basic items of personal hygiene. When we needed their help, they sacrificed everything for us. Now they need our help.

As warriors who served beside them, it’s time to show them that their sacrifices are not forgotten. Please help us support them in their time of need. As warriors, our ethos is to leave no one behind.

Because Warriors Care.


Think Big. Act Bigger.

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Warrior Ethos Care needs your help! This is a complex global logistics operation that requires close coordination of a large number of moving pieces. We need real-world expertise in a number of areas. From operations management to logistics, to identifying and sourcing supplies, to helping recruit volunteers in your community to gather supplies for shipment. We have a critical need for volunteers who have direct connections with federal agencies that can help us expedite our support mission. If you can help in any of these areas, let us know, by signing up today!

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Veterans and non-veterans alike know that no operation of this magnitude can happen without donations. Warriors Ethos Care asks for your support to help them. Every dollar counts, and the items that the families of refugees need are not expensive. With a donation of as little as $25 dollars, you can easily sponsor a small family.

This Mission is POSSIBLE. Let’s get it done. Will you Help?

As tens of thousands of refugees are being crammed and loaded on cargo planes, uprooted from their homes with only the clothing on their back, they and their families need our help. That’s why we founded Warriors Ethos Care, a 501C3 non-profit, created by veterans who served, to rapidly deploy everything that refugees need. Using our vast network of veterans who served in Afghanistan, we are currently building up an end-to-end supply chain to airlift and ship the goods.

With your help, we can say Thank You in the most impactful, sincere and practical way. They risked their lives for us, and our warrior’s ethos requires that we do everything we can to make their transition as safe and as smooth as possible.

Courtesy of DVIDS

Words from Our Founder, Jared Shepard

Imagine your children and spouse being thrown out of their homes, fleeing with only their shirts on their backs, not knowing whether they’ll make it beyond a Taliban checkpoint, and even then, relying on strangers to keep your family fed and safe. As veterans who’ve served in Afghanistan, we’ve seen it all, up close and personal. But now, this reality is not a movie or remote news report, it’s actually happening to the very people that supported us and kept our mission alive.

As we see the grueling scenes of pain and suffering, I was inspired to found Warrior Ethos Care, a new non-profit 501(c)(3) to support the increasing number of Afghan refugees displaced from their homes, many of them women and children.

In the past six weeks alone, around 18,000 people arrived in Kabul. In recent days, more than 1,000 families fleeing conflict and instability in Afghanistan have arrived with only the bare essentials and are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.

This crisis has hit many of us on a personal level and so we wanted to find a way to help and so we acted quickly. I am proud to announce we have already made huge progress over the past few days. We have partnered with PGL to help deliver over 30,000 basic hygiene kits (soap, toothbrush, toothpaste), 75,000 women’s hygiene pads, 5000 packages of wet-wipes and more.

We couldn’t do this without your help… but we are just getting started, these supplies are only a small drop into what will be the daily lives of so many families from Afghanistan who have fled for their lives. Please, we need to do more… for 20 years we gave Afghan citizens an idea of freedom, a chance for women to seen education, the opportunity to grow. Now they had to flee with only what they have on their backs… we need to help them now! This is what America stands for, this is what Veterans stand for, this is our “Ethos”!

Join me and Warrior Ethos Care to make a difference.

Jared N. Shepard,
Founder & Director
Warrior Ethos Care


Help Our Afghan Allies

Thousands of civilian lives are being put at risk due to the instability in Afghanistan.

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Warriors Ethos Care is a 501C3 non-profit, created by veterans who served, to rapidly deploy everything that Afghani refugees need. Connect with us at www.Warriors-Care.Org

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